New Media Writing

David Morgen

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Instructor David Morgen
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Office Location Callaway N104
Welcome to the course site for ENG221: New Media Writing.

In this course students will develop advanced skills in composing for new media projects. This course introduces students to the theories and practices of creating content for linear and non-linear interactive media. Students will explore the rhetorical and design affordances of multiple new media publishing platforms, both proprietary and open source, and evaluate their effectiveness for different audiences and content. Additionally this course focuses on scripting/storyboarding formats for content development; generating optimized, rhetorically effective content for search engines; and using technology to compose collaborative new media projects.

This course is part of Domain of One’s Own @ Emory, and as such you will author and administrate a personal website, close read multimodal texts for form and theme, and compose with a variety of digital tools. No prior experience with web design or digital authoring is required for successful completion of course work. Please note that a significant portion of your work for this course will be published to the web and available to reading publics beyond the class and university. Once you have completed the course, the site you build is yours to continue to develop into a personal cyberinfastructure that may include, but is not limited to, course projects, a professional portfolio, resume/CV, social media feeds, and blogs.

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